CMake Options

This page should give you a short overview over the CMake options of SPlisHSPlasH.


If this flag is enabled, then all computations with floating point values are performed using double precision (double). Otherwise single precision (float) is used.


SPlishSPlasH supports the usage of AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) which is an extension of modern CPUs to perform a single instruction on multiple data. The extension allows to perform eight floating point operations in parallel. Enabling AVX significantly improves the performance of the simulator. Currently, the following methods have AVS support:


  • the micropolar vorticity model

  • the standard viscosity model

  • the viscosity model of Weiler et al.


Enable the OpenMP parallelization which lets the simulation run in parallel on all available cores of the CPU.


We just reimplemented the GUI using imgui instead of AntTweakBar. If you want to try out the new GUI, enable this flag.


Generate a shared library object which can be imported into python scripts and exposes C++ functionality to the python interpreter. Default:On Options:<On|Off>


Adds a debug tools tab to the graphical user interface which allows to generate additional particle data for debugging. Note that generating the additional data will slightly decrease the performance of the simulation.